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London Safety Tips

While London is in general a safe city, it is always a good idea to follow following safety practices.

In General:

  • Follow these Travel Tips for using transportation in London
  • When walking at night, try to keep to well lighted streets
  • When going out to eat, stick to restaurants and Bars that are only a few minutes walk away from your hotel.
  • Avoid using headphones – they reduce awareness of your surroundings
  • Only use cash machines that are in well-lighted areas with lots of foot traffic
  • Carry a fake wallet (and this applies wherever you may be traveling) Take those expired credit cards you have and place them in another wallet, along with a small amount of cash and hand that over to someone demanding your wallet on the street. They aren't going to take the time to verify that the credit cards are current, and when they run off with your fake wallet, you're still in possession of your 'real' wallet with the rest of your money!

At Pubs and Restaurants:

  • Keep your belongings under your table and out of sight
  • Most pubs in London have hooks in front of you just above your knees at the bar, or under the tables. Women should utilize these to secure their handbags in front of them.
  • Be particularly careful with your handbag and belongings when patronizing pubs and restaurants located near major railway stations. Thieves looking to snatch handbags, laptop bags, and backpacks are known to practice their handiwork in these places because they know that tourists tend to be distracted by the overall sensation of being in a new place and naturally have their guard down while on holiday.
  • Don’t accept a drink from someone you don’t know.

At Your Hotel:

  • Make sure there is a desk clerk on duty 24 hours
  • Make sure the desk clerk is discreet when assigning you your room number, especially if there are other people waiting near you at the front desk
  • Only stay in hotels that offer electronic key cards
  • Make sure your hotel is in a well-lighted area and one with a good amount of foot traffic passing by it. I can recommend hotels that make your safety a top priority
  • When leaving your room to go out, leave your TV on at a moderate volume, (not too high so as not to disturb your neighbors) and place the do-not-disturb sign on your door to give your room an occupied appearance. Thieves are far less likely to try to break into a room they think is occupied. If your electronic door key controls your room's electric and you can't leave a TV on, make sure you leave the do-not-disturb on your door.                           

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