The London Travel Planner
London Travel Advice From An Expert!

How Much To have Your Own Personal London Travel Planner?

Just $99!

Get your notepad ready and give me a call!  This will probably be the most informative call you'll ever make! You can tap my brain, and take notes for advice and tips on London that you'll get no where else!

For Just $99 You Get All This:

A minimum1 hour phone consultation which includes:

Simultaneous Computer Viewing For Understanding London:

We will review a map of London computer to computer, where I will show you the geography of London as it relates to where you are staying and how you will get around to the sites. This has been extremely effective in my making my clients understand the logistics of seeing London, and equally as important, my clients tell me that this process makes the anticipation of getting around this big city far less intimidating! 


  • Advice on:  Airlines. Transportation to London from the airport and around London.
  • Advice on: Where in London to stay.
  • Advice on: How to get to the sites. How to see the sites in an order that will maximize your vacation time.
  • Advice on restaurants
  • Advice on the pubs
  • Tips on things to do in your Hotel's neighborhood
  • Tips on shopping
  • Detailed information on what to do when you arrive at the airport and how to find your ground transportation into London
  • Detailed information on what to do when you get into London, including walking directions to your hotel from the train station.
  • Detailed information on how to get started with your sight seeing on the first day
  • Piece Of Mind! When you leave for London you'll know exactly what to do from the moment you get there! 

And This...

A second phone consultation just before your trip to review your plan and answer any additional questions you may have!

And Even This...

Phone and/or E-mail support during your visit!

 Satisfaction GUARANTEED! Or your money back!


Questions? Contact me here. The first phone call is FREE!

610 228 4666
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