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Sometimes it’s best to just let your customers do the talking for you…

“I don’t know how we could have possibly seen as much of London as we did without the help of The London Travel Planner. Everything he advised us on was dead on and we knew exactly what to do from the minute we got there! It really made our trip thoroughly enjoyable!”   E. K. Smith, Lancaster, PA

“I had a business trip to Hendley Upon Thames near London which provided me with just 2 free to days to see London and I was astounded at how much I got to see in so short an amount of time. I followed The London Travel Planner’s advice which took me for a fantastic walk up the Thames and allowed me to see so many of the major attractions with so little time. I definitely recommend using The London Travel Planner!”   B. Quinn, Chattanooga, TN

“Simply invaluable advice. Worth every penny!”   J. Kearney, Havertown, PA

“Matt knows London on such an intimate level that when he explains it to you it feels like you’ve been there already. When prepping me for my first trip there he actually made me even more excited for my trip which I didn’t think was possible! Another thing; when I was there and had questions about a few things, he was more than happy to take my calls about some things I hadn’t anticipated during our initial consultation and he was more than willing to help me. I am so happy I found his website before I left for London!”  Cheryl Cybulski, Chicago, IL

“I wish Matt knew every city in Europe as well has he knows London, because if he did it would make my regular business travel to other European cities as easy as London is to me now thanks to him! His London advice is amazing trust me.”   Carolyn Jenkins, Mount Laurel, NJ

“Do not go to London without first talking to Matt. Do not!”   Charles Gaines, San Francisco, CA

“First of all, go see London. It’s an amazing city. But unless you plan on making your first visit at least 6 months, you’re never going to see everything on your first visit, which is all the more reason to have Matt plan your first visit. You’re going to see so much during your first visit by taking his advice that you won’t feel cheated, and you’ll want to go back for more. I highly recommend his services”  Peter J Finch, Watertown, NY

“London is an amazing city – made more amazing by the knowledge and organisation of Matt. We were able to see all the major sites, as well as some of the lesser known attractions – and we were only there 3 days!! Use the London Travel Planner – you won’t regret it!”   Katie, Cornwall, England

“Thank you London Travel Planner for all the expert tips and advice and making my recent trip to London so wonderful!”  Andrea Desy Straub, Haverford, PA 



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